Day 15: House of Cards

Busy day at work with lots of things to take care of. It almost felt like cheating seeing the tutorial videos and not following along. I felt that website designing should involve a lot more alt+tabbing than what the instructor is really doing. I am sure that he has coded the entire website and is […]

Day 14: Even the Lord Sleeps On a Sunday

A slow and quiet Sunday is the best kind of day. Take away food, respite from the cold with an unusually sunny day and no office work are ingredients to a beautifully unproductive day. Today was one such kind of day. The neighbor upstairs was having a party, we didn’t have to mind our noise […]

Day 13: Chugging along

I understood justify-content: space-between much better today. Using flex boxes for the content really makes a world of difference. It was much simpler to do things and not really have to worry about responsive designing at least for nav bars. I did end up doing the course only at 9:30pm today too. This is a […]

Day 12: Rehash

Today I just did all the Flex box content from yesterday once again because I was sure I missed most of it. Being sleep deprived and trying to learn a new concept is a nightmare. Today I slept well and was refreshed as I attacked the same course material once again and it was instantly […]

Day 11: Unable to Concentrate

I have gotten into the habit of doing the course after 9pm and that has to stop. I cannot really concentrate well so late into the night. Especially since I have been skimping on the 8hrs of daily sleep that is recommended. Today the course was on flex box and how it can be used […]

Day 10: Fully Responsive Design

In today’s set of lectures we went through vh and vw units. Frankly, I’ve always wondered how modern websites have such a slick landing page that precisely know where I have landed and how much of the splash screen image to show. It feels so simple to think that they achieved it using vh! My […]

Day 9: Media Queries

Today I finally finished the first project that I had to make. It was a hotel website and it came along pretty smoothly. We immediately moved onto media queries to make responsive websites. Back in 2009 when I was doing web development there were no media queries so all this stuff is new to me. […]

Day 8: Sleep calls

Trying to get some studying done while juggling work and also house work is a challenge. It is now 10pm as I write this. All I did today was do finishing touches on yesterdays project. But in my head, the main thing is that I showed up today too and actually did the finishing touches. […]

Day 7: First Project

Finished the first project today. It is a non-responsive page but I am fairly proud of it. Tomorrow I will do a once over and add all the thing I missed from the mock-up into it. Just studied for about an hour so not really much else to say. Also, a furniture building session is […]